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I am the fourth generation of tabaquero (tobaccoists), my great-grandfather grew tobacco in Cuba and my familys passion for tobacco and great cigars has grown every generation. My mother is a Master Cigar Roller who came to the United States in 2010, openinng her first cigar shop in 2011. My mother and I created the Don Many blend of cigars to add a new line of the finest handmade cigars.These cigars with Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos are all had made in Ybor City. I am proud to bring these fine cigars to you at great discounted prices by the bundle.

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  • MILD

    Our mild cigars are wrapped in shade-grown Conneticut wrappers. Creamy and fill of flavor, mild does not mean tasteless.


    Oue medium cigars are rich in flavor without "bite". The rich Habano wrapper creates the perfect balance of flavor for all tastes.


    The "sweet and savory" Maduro wrapper surrounds our full body cigars. Full of flavor but not heavy on the Ligero leaves that create "bite" in a smoke.

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Buy the Bundle and Save!