Who We Are

We are the fourth generation carrying on the proud traditions of our family, the growing of premium tobacco and the hand rolling of premium cigars. My mother (third-generation) is a Master Roller who developed her passion for tobacco from her grandfather. My family arrived in the United States in 2010, my mother opened her first cigar shop in Ybor City in 2011. Our desire is to continue to share the art of Premium Hand-Crafted, Authentic Cuban Style Cigars; as a family. Together, my mother and I have created the Don Many brand of cigars, some high quality with a fresh bold taste.

I know that selling these great cigars by the bundle saves you up to 50% off the per stick price. Our bundles are discounted so that you can get the finest hand made cigars at great prices. Stock your humidor, share with friends or enjoy them yourself.

Our family carefully selects the leaves used in our cigars for a better burn and a better taste. The right tobacco, hand-rolled at the right tightness allows for a smoking experience compared to the old rollers of the Cuban factory workers.  

Quality tobacco leaves that are cured properly, rolled and wrapped with care makes for a cigar that can be enjoyed by a novice or an expert smoker.  

We offer many sizes and shapes of cigars using Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco as filler and Connecticut wrappers. Our original company was created in 1987 in Havana, Cuba within the manufacturing tobacco company of Jose Manuel Guira. Tobacconist "Tabaqueros" processors of tobacco and smoking supplies provided 75 years of experience in farming and manufacturing tobacco. 

We are a proud part of the LA Faraona Cigar Family, to learn more about La Faraona, Click HERE.