Welcome and thank you for visiting us at the PCA23 trade show. We are a family business making the finest hand made cigars for over 150 years. When Odelma Matos, my mother, emigrated to the United States from Cube, she worked hard and within a year opened her first Cigar Store! Today she has two Cigar shops on 7th Ave in Tabor City, Fl and a large online business. In 2021 my mother and I created Don Many Cigars, a new bold take on our cigars.

We invite you to enjoy any of our cigars at 25% off list price, this is to allow you to sample many of our premium hand-crafted cigars. We believe adding a quality hand-crafted cigar to your line will grow your profitable sales. We support and guarantee our cigars. Give us a call 813-775-5829 or 813-940-0207.

Use Code: PCA23 (valid through 6/30)